How the Anglo-Indian community created two No 1 hockey teams via @timesofindia

I read this well researched and well written article on Indian Hockey team and Olympics. I read few other articles written by him, he has written quite a few, and enjoyed the fluidity of words and the info in all of them. That got me curious about the author. This is what I got when I googled his name

Anvar Alikhan began life as a copywriter and has worked at various J. Walter Thompson offices in India and across the Asia-Pacific region, picking up a few awards along the way. He has been Creative Director at Contract and Ogilvy, and was part of the start-up team at He won an Atticus merit award in 2013, is guest faculty at IIM Calcutta, and was co-author of Adkatha: The History of Indian Advertising. He writes regularly in the Indian media on subjects ranging from brands to food and cinema. He’s till trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

Didn’t find his name as the co-author in AdKatha book, so I mailed him, asking about it and got a prompt reply on a Sunday! Impressive.
Enjoy the article and the one on Star Trek too, which inspired the flip phones, iPad , GPS , etc later on.
A Bengali lady behind all this…Indrani Das Alikhan?!