Yesterday, as soon as I enter my home in the evening, Anuska is all excited and brings her latest pen sketch to me.She tried a new technique of tea stain for the background. As I am admiring her patience and skill, few songs drift in my mind subconsciously. Maybe because I had been hearing these songs the whole day while celebrating one of the genius gifts of our times.
Nadiya chale chale re dhaara, dil aisa kisi ne mera toda, o maajhi re, woh shaam bhi kuchh ajeeb thi, maajhi naiya dhoonde kinaara  and right on top of the list of boat songs…..chingari koi bhadke. The song started with a wrong chord played by Bhanu Gupta , which RD retained for the final recording. The flute played by Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. How could things go wrong with Kishore Kumar, RD and the romantic pair of Rajesh Khanna an Sharmila Tagore, at the peak of their popularity then. West Bengal govt refused permission to shoot on Hooghly fearing stampede. The boat ride on Hooghly at night, was actually filmed in Natraj Studios, Mumbai. The stench of stagnant water made it very difficult to shoot this romantic scene. Sharmila Tagore recalled chewing gum to be able to tolerate the smell. The final picturisation doesn’t take away the romance from the song at all and we have a classic to treasure for always.
Here I’ll add one more trivia regarding Kishore Kumar and row boat. He once told an interior designer, who came to visit him suited and booted at the height of summer that he wanted his living room immersed in several feet of water, with little rowboats instead of sofas, and an anchored centrepiece where they could put the tea service. When the man ran away at this bizarre request, Kishoreda was unrepentant. Anyone who could wear a three-piece woollen suit in summer deserved to be shocked.image