Once upon a time there was a Princess who landed up in a Kingdom where no one understood her language . She was a happy princess so she found her own escape routes in the world of words from books or lyrics and tunes of music and distant land . She changed herself in an effort to understand the language of the people she lived with but only got more puzzled in the process. One day after sixteen years she left the Kingdom and built her own. Surprisingly here she met a Prince here who actually understood the words she said and made her laugh and be happy. The Prince too had his own Kingdom and responsibilities. Princess was simply happy to share the words with him and explore the new worlds they both discovered. She also knew that the Prince actually shared all his words with his queen. That’s what love is all about, that one person with whom you want share all your thoughts with. The only corner which he didn’t share with his queen was about this Princess because he didn’t want to hurt his queen and that hurt the Prince too. Time compensated overtime for the Princess and she met another Prince too who could understand her words and make her laugh too. She started sharing her words with him too. Her wings started to heal and she started to fly. She understood what her Prince told her about spontaneity and live life on your own terms as much as possible. The Prince changed his words and hid some but they both still understood them. This story doesn’t have an end ! Wait , maybe it does end like all stories
And They Lived Happily Ever After !